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Online handicrafts retailer aporv.com is building on its success in connecting Indian artisans to customers around the world. It is now offering its services to overseas handicrafts buyers and inviting angel investments to grow its business.

Mother’s Day Special

All of us have a special bond with our mothers and each one of us would remember few instances; when we were sick and how she took care of us, when she saw though our lie but still let us go ahead with it; how she gave that extra pocket money so we could have fun with your friends ... and many more small things which make her special.

Kondapalli Dancing Dolls – Extinct?

Kondapalli Dancing Dolls. Kondapalli is a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India. Kondapalli toys stand apart since the craftsmen specialize in regional themes taken from their immediate surroundings. Every detail is meticulously carved and painted.


Welcome to Aporv

Aporv is all about uniquesness. Aporv in Sanskrit means unique, rare.

Aporv means Unique

Aporv = UNIQUE    Aporv = very YOU     |Aporv = very US